1 YEAR for Nimar creation of bracelets!

Wow! who would have grown ...

On May 31, the launch of my first store will celebrate its first year of existence.

How proud I am! How hard I have worked! That I have invested time! That the passion for creation has become my priority! How I love what I do and achieve day after day for you! and That I have not finished surprising you!

When I decided to embark on this project I knew that creation was a passion for me, but the one that I wanted to evolve "bracelets" the competition was fierce so I had to stand out in order to succeed.

So on May 31, 2020, I embarked on this wonderful project. I have no training as a jeweler, I knew the basics in computers, so I learned on the flow! Facebook business, Instagram, develop my first Etsy store and then open my second that I spent hours, days and weeks trying, correcting, redoing in order to achieve a competitive result.

But I love what I do, how passionate I am about creating bracelets, discovering new pearls, new trends to come.

So to mark my 1st year, I have a nice surprise in store for you as a thank you because with more than 1050 subscribers to date, more than 300 sales, I realize that my decision was the right one and I sincerely thank you!

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Stay tuned on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nimarbracelets to find out what I will offer you as a surprise!

Looking forward to making you your next bracelet,

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