The categories of bracelets

Before I became a pearl bracelet designer, I honestly had no idea that pearls could have so much meaning and that there were so many categories of bracelets.

For me, a pearl bracelet was a pearl bracelet! Oh but that I was in the field to think that because believe me the categories of bracelets are very large.

But allow me today for your detailed categories of bracelets that you will find at Nimar creation bracelets.

  • Bracelet of semi precious and precious pearls
  • Essential oil diffuser pearl bracelet
  • Chakras bead bracelet
  • Personalized pearl bracelet

Each category of these bracelets stand out like this. The semi precious and precious pearl bracelets are made of extremely large, diverse choice of pearls, unique colors, different shapes, sizes that can vary from 3 mm to 14 mm with charm or not the possibilities are endless.

Essential oil diffuser pearl bracelets are bracelets made of lava pearls also called volcanic pearls with a very porous composition that allows them to absorb essential oils and diffuse them in contact with your skin.

Chakra bead bracelets have beads specific to each of the 7 chakras. A "Chakra" is a Sanskrit term which means "wheel" or, more precisely "rotating disc". In fact, a "Chakra" is a meeting point of subtle energy channels, an intersection where several levels converge. In my next blog, I will explain in more detail the meaning of each of the 7 chakras and their role.

Personalized bracelets which are your bracelet of your choice. Often from a bracelet model that I have created, a customer will prefer certain colors, a choice of different pearls, another kind of charm. Or by your explanations of what you are looking for I create a demo bracelet that I send you the photo and from this a magnificent new bracelet will be made by you and me.

Finally, the creation of pearl bracelets is endless, my value for money is excellent which allows you to be able to have several arranged to your style of the day.

See you very soon and we look forward to seeing you with a creation of Nimar creation bracelets!

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