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  • Bracelet Agate, Jasper, Quartz rose
  • Bracelet Agate, Jasper, Quartz rose
  • Bracelet Agate, Jasper, Quartz rose
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Nimar création bracelets

Bracelet Agate, Jasper, Pink Quartz

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  • 8 mm semi matte pink Agate beads
  • 8mm Matte Pale Pink Zebra Jasper Beads
  • 10mm Irregular Rose Quartz Beads


L' agate is one of the most important protective stones. She wards off negative energies and leads to inner balance. Stones were already used in antiquity, and Aristotle already knew the power of stones. Today, healing stones are mainly used in lithotherapy.

The agate stone acts slowly, but deploys tremendous power . As a protective stone, it builds self-confidence, promotes self-acceptance, and provides comfort.


  • Helps with rooting, strength and security
  • Tonifies the body
  • Helps vitality
  • Stone of cleanliness and balance


  • Eliminates nightmares and may relieve depression
  • Heals mental wounds like lovesickness and grievances
  • Harmonizes erotic desires in romantic relationships
  • Gives romance, promotes sense of beauty

For centuries, rose quartz is the stone of love, heart and fertility.

This brilliant pink stone symbolizes unconditional love and gives security, tenderness and comfort.

This fascinatingly beautiful stone awakens desires, brings romance and enhances sensitivity.

Important information about my bracelets:

  • Each of my bracelets is unique and handmade with care and
  • The design of the bracelet could differ depending on the size of the beads and the size of the wrist so that it is more representative than the one in the photo.
  • Each of my bracelets is in very limited quantities.
  • The bracelet may have slight differences with the photos due to light exposure. However, the maximum detail and precision is demonstrated for the bracelet.
  • Bracelets with charm, this one might be different from the picture but I always let you know so you can choose another one.

Lifespan of your wristband:

  • In order to keep your bracelet well, do not stretch the elastic thread unnecessarily.
  • Take off the bracelet to wash yourself.
  • Avoid putting your bracelet in contact with lotions and sweat